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30 YEARS AFTER Maher Fellowship Application
The mission of 30 YEARS AFTER is to promote the participation and leadership of Iranian-American Jews in American political, civic and Jewish life. The Maher Fellowship trains the emerging generation of leaders that Jewish America and American society at large both need.

Fellows who are chosen for the 2020 Maher Fellowship will progress through a comprehensive and intensive leadership training program that will introduce them to the needs of not only their own community, but the greater community they live in, and equip them with the tools, foundation and network to make a difference. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with various leaders and activists from the greater Los Angeles community, as well as connect more deeply with their own identities and heritage.

Every year graduates of our program go on to not only be informed and effective leaders, but also role models for their peers as multipliers. This venture expands on the mission of 30 YEARS AFTER by educating future leaders for the Iranian-Jewish community. Graduates of the fellowship will also focus on creating an impactful project, which they are expected to bring to fruition either individually or in smaller groups.

Applications are open to individuals between the ages of 21-35.

While the Maher Fellowship is highly subsidized by generous donors, including Maher Fellowship Alumni, a nominal tuition of $450 is required from each participant.

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