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Rev 2.2.1 Goshen Activity Center Parks Survey
Used to input your desire for Parks and Recreation activities in Goshen, AR 72735
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Street Address *
Scale the following parks you would like to see in Goshen *
Highly desired now
Desired now
Desired someday
Not desired
Baseball (T-ball)
Baseball (Full size)
Tennis (indoor)
Tennis (outdoor)
Basketball (location TBD)
Walk trail
Picnic area
Climbing/Slide playground & safety base
Fenced dog park area
Exercise facility
Half court basketball and park at community center: 244 Clark Street
Development and maintenance of the above chosen parks should be funded as afforded by: *
Borrow development capital during these low interest times to accelerate recreational facilities expansion *
I would like to have the capability to see online if a particular park is busy and have the ability to reserve it *
I would like to see more recreation in terms of restaurants in Goshen and would support them *
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