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Members Cafe Artwork Submission Form
Artists need to fill out this submission form per artwork to exhibit in the Cafe Gallery at Lake House Arts Centre.

There is no cost to exhibiting in the Cafe Gallery.

By submitting this form you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions involved in exhibiting in the Cafe Gallery.

Thank you for submitting artwork to Lake House Arts.
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Artist Bank Account Details
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Lake House will plan and execute the exhibition and installation with input and assistance from the artist/s. Lake House will produce and design any introductory signage, text panels, handouts or individual labels where applicable and in consultation the artist. Any extras or nonstandard labels or signage must be discussed with the Curator and all costs associated paid by the artist.
Text and label copy:
Exhibition deadlines and requirements will be discussed with the artist/s in accordance with the timeline in Appendix 1. The final exhibition installation will be designed and installed by the Lake House Curator in consultation with the artist/s.
Gallery hanging:
Installation of work will be within 7 days of receiving the work by the Manager and the Gallery Staff.
Selection: Please note that the Curator has the final say on what works may or may not be included for display and the overall arrangement of art in the Gallery.
Lake House will promote the exhibitions through the following means:
• Lake House weekly newsletter sent out by email and post.
• The exhibition will be listed on the Lake House Arts Centre website and various other arts or event related sites.
• Email invitations (designed by Lake House unless otherwise arranged) sent to Lake House mailing list + to artist to electronically for distribution. Lake House Logo must be correctly used and all publicity must be checked first with the Manager.
• Targeted Media and Marketing stream that ties in with the exhibition – in the case the Auckland festival of Photography as well as

Costs for participation in the Auckland Photography will be covered by the Lake House.

Sale of work and tax obligations
LAKE HOUSE commission is 35% + GST

Any tax obligations incurred such as Income or Provisional Tax and GST (where applicable), is the responsibility of the artist.
Please supply your bank account details below for ease of payment when works are sold. Artists will receive payment for their artworks after the exhibition has closed and Lake House has received the payment in full from the purchaser. Payment will be made on the 20th of the following month in which the exhibition closes.

Copyright of images of the artist’s work, exhibition and publication text, remain the property of the exhibiting artist.
Except for the purpose of publicity, reporting, critical review and installation record the gallery will not copy, photograph, or otherwise reproduce or transmit any part of the exhibition or artists work without prior permission from the artist.
Chain of Title and Image Use Permission
The artist warrants that they solely own or represent all intellectual property and copyright in the artworks presented for the exhibition under their name or organisation/group.
The artists gives permission to Lake House Arts Centre and it’s representatives to use imagery of artworks used in the exhibition, images of the artists and creators involved and any additional logos, branding or otherwise associated with the exhibition to promote the exhibition on any and all media platforms.

Insurance and damage to artworks
Insurance of the artworks while on display at Lake House, in transit to and from Lake House, is the responsibility of the artist. The artist is responsible for all packaging of artwork. Packaging will not be stared at Lake House Arts Centre.
Lake House will take all care but no responsibility for artworks that are unstable or poorly exhibited which may result in damage. Lake House has no storage facility for artwork after the exhibition take down. Work left for longer than three months will be sold to defray expenses.

Security and Health and Safety
Lake House Arts Centre has a standard security monitoring service which includes: Centre staff, an after hour’s alarm system, camera’s and security monitoring service. The Lake House has a health and Safety Policy as well as an evacuation plan.

Contact Details
Grae Burton
Lake House Arts Centre
Street address 37 Fred Thomas Dr Takapuna
Postal address PO Box 33 1037 Takapuna Auckland
Phone 09 486 4877
Email Website www.lakehousearts

1. Creation of work – including materials and framing, professional packing and delivery on time.
2. Supply of further biographical notes and images for publicity and exhibition label information if requested.
3. Liaison with staff on display concepts.
4. Collection of work by collection date. Any art work that is not collected by the date specified without alternative arrangements will become the property of the Lake House Art Centre.

Consignment of objects to Lake House Arts Centre, attention Grae Burton, Curator.
37 Fred Thomas Dr, Takapuna, Auckland 0740.
Ph: 486 4877 Email:

I have read and agree to these terms and conditions
Physical Copy to be signed by Artist on delivery.
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