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CALL FOR EXHIBITORS English version • Ratatà 2018
Deadline : 10th of March
Are You a Self-Publishing House, printer, letterpresser, woodblocker, woodcarver, woody woodpecker, rizographer, graphic designer, comic author, fanziner, bookbinder, photocopierphotocopierphotocopierphotocopierphotocopierphotocopier?

If you would like to participate as an exhibitor at the Exhibition/Market for Ratatà 2018 (which will be held from Friday, April the 13th at 2 pm until Sunday, April the 15th at 5 pm) please fill this form.
Unfortunately the stands are limited so hurry up to join us!
We'll let you know if You'll be selected within March the 15th.

Publishing House o Collective Name *
E-mail *
We'll reply naming (editor-in-chief/slave) : *
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You'll need mostly: *
Upload here some images of your self productions (max 5, JPG format, maximum dimension of each file 1 MB) *
We remind you that:
- The market exhibition will take place from Friday April 13th (2:00 pm) to Sunday April 15th (7:00 pm).

- The stand is free, we only ask for each participant to make the card to our association of 5 euros (if you are a collective you only need to register one of you).

- During the festival we are organizing a city parade, information will soon be published in our social and web channels.

As a festival we will provide tables and chairs and activate discounts for hotels and accommodation.

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