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Focus Group Pre-Survey
This survey is to be completed before using the Color Tab app. I will be using the data obtained with the exception of your email address for research and publication. To participate you will need to have an email account, and have an iPhone or iPad version 5.0 or later as the app will only run on an IOS system, and be 18 or over.
1. Email Address *
This will be the email address used for sending the free app link.
2. Formats Purchased *
Which format of apps do you purchase?
3. Reasons for Purchases *
When you purchase apps, what is your intended use mostly for?
4. Used For *
Will you be using this to teach others (instruction) or learn yourself (learning)?
5. Educational Features *
What top three features for educational purposes do you look for in an app?
6. Guitar Learning Experience *
What is your background with regards to guitar playing?
7. Guitar Playing Experience *
What is your experience level? Select all that apply.
8. Gender *
9. Age Range *
Which category are you a member of?
10. Current Education Level *
What is your last or current level of education completed?
11. Geographical Location *
What region of the world are you located in?
12. App Advertising Preference *
When you purchase apps, which are you most likely to select?
13. App Prices *
What price have you paid for apps? Select all that apply.
14. Number Of Educational Guitar Music Apps? *
Select the number of educational guitar music apps currently on your device.
15. Duration Of App Usage? *
When you use an educational app, what is the range of time for learning?
16. Use Of Information *
By selecting yes, you agree that the data obtained on this form may be used for research and publication, and you will be eligible for selection to one of the focus groups. By selecting no, you will not be able to take part in one of the focus groups.
17. Focus Group Selection *
What group do you mostly identify with?
18. Questions?
If you have any questions, enter them in the box below, otherwise leave this section blank. If you are selected to participate, you will receive a reply.
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