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Business Internet Survey
Business Internet Survey
Business Questions
1. What type of business do you operate? (Select One) *
2. How many employees does your business have? (Select One) *
3. What form of business do you operate? (Select One) *
Broadband Survey Questions
1. Who is your current Internet provider? *
2. How satisfied are you with your current Internet provider? (Select One) *
2a. Provide your reasons for the satisfaction rating given in question 2.
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3. Are you satisfied with your current advertised Internet speed? *
4. Has your current internet speed adversely impacted your business operations? *
5. Would you be willing to pay more for the faster speeds? (Select One) *
6. How many of each of the following devices in your business are online? (Indicate Number of Each) *
21 or more
Tablets/eReaders/MP3 Players (iPad, iPod, Kindle, Nook)
Cell or Smart Phones (iPhone, Android)
Video Streaming Devices (AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.)
Intelligent Personal Assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Home)
Smart TV, DVD players, Blu-ray players, Gaming consoles)
Smart Devices (Thermostats, Smoke Detectors, Security, etc.)
Debit/Credit Card Machines
Gambling Devices
WiFi/Wireless Access Points
7. Are you currently limited with the number of devices you can have online due to your internet capacity? *
8. How frequently do you experience buffering/delays/interruptions while conducting business? *
9. Would you be interested faster (possibly gigabit) download and upload speeds at prices that are very competitive to what you are paying now?
Closing Questions
1. Would you be interested in learning more about enhanced Internet service? If yes, please provide your name, address and email address for follow up.
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2. What efforts should White Pine County to undertake efforts to attract better internet service to the region? These investments could include capital investments in infrastructure like towers and fiber optic cable installation?
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3. How would you support paying for the County’s efforts to attract faster and more reliable internet service to all areas of the County?
4. Contact Information please include Business Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Email address
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For questions please contact Wayne Cameron at the White Pine Chamber of Commerce - (775) 289-8877
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