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Payments can be done before or at signing, a choice will be indicated at the end
If you are new to my works allow me to annoy you with posting a link to my amazon page so you can stalk
Most books that are listed are on amazon
If you are curious to learn more about the books feel free to message me

***And please note that I maybe adding more books to this list as the year progresses.

Rebirth Novels
-10 dollars each
-15 for two
-30 for all four

Mercenaries for Hire
- 5 Dollars Each
- 15 for all four

Hexed Books
-10 for Hexed Hearts
-10 for Hunter's Heart
-15 for Both

Curse Breakers Series
-10 for Art of Death
-10 for Secrets of the Dead
-15 for Both

Rebirth Series
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Mercenary for Hire
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Hexed Novels
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Curse Breakers Series
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