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BITS Peer Mentor Intake Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Peer Mentor with BITS. We're excited to receive your application!

Please note - at BITS, we believe that representation is an important element of the mentorship we provide and as such, we strive to work with mentors who are representative of the young, diverse community that BITS serves. We are happy to accept applications from all entrepreneurs and young professionals but will seek to prioritize those that align with this mandate.

We're currently recruiting mentors for our Fall cohort which will run from October 17th to December 5th, 2020. Our programs run on Saturdays, YCEO from 10am-1pm and Boot Camp from 2pm-5pm. Mentors commit to 5-6 hours each week for the entire cohort, 3.5 hours during class on Saturday and the remainder mid-week. Mentor training is on October 15th from 6-9pm.

We're also recruiting mentors with sales experience for our Sales Crunch pilot program running on Saturdays from 10am -1pm October 31st to November 21st, 2020.

Please complete this form and we will be in touch with you shortly. All information is treated as confidential and will be used for assessment purposes only. For further inquiries please e-mail
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