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Please complete this form and we will call you back with your username/password. Please be prepared to provide confidential information to verify your identify with our receptionist.
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Parents DO NOT need to re-apply for access every year.
Please Note: By logging into Snyder ISD's Skyward Family Access, you are agreeing to the following guidelines
1. Parents/Guardians (except those barred by court order) may have access to their child's grades, attendance, schedules, and other information as offered by the school's student management software. Any site containing the above information must require the parent to log in with a secure (using 128-bitencryption) username and password.
2. A student's email address may be published to the secure portion of the site, which will be used only by school staff for communication purposes.
3. Usernames and passwords of new accounts will be distributed after registration.
4. Each user is responsible for their individual login information and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account. This includes, but is not limited to, regularly changing the account password and not sharing the password with others. Users shall notify their teacher or building administrator immediately if a possible security problem had been identified.
5. Campus principals shall set guidelines for timely entry of grades, teacher notes, and attendance, and further expect that the SISD staff will follow these guidelines.

Disclaimer-Although extreme precautions and measures (both technical
and procedural) have been implemented to prohibit unauthorized access to your child's information, Snyder ISD, its employees and agents, make no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, concerning the access it is providing. Furthermore, SISD may not be held liable for:
a. The accuracy, nature, or quality of information posted on the Skyward Family Access website.
b. Any delays or interruptions in service of Skyward Family Access.
c. Unauthorized access to student information on Skyward Family Access.

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