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Poly PTA 2019-20 STEAM Grant Request
The Poly Drive PTA is pleased to again offer a STEAM Grant for each grade level. We have budgeted $600 per grade level to cover STEAM related purchases for classroom use. These funds are intended to enhance hands-on learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Funds may be used for field trips, speakers, materials or supplies. Reimbursement does not have to be all at once, but efforts to keep our administration simple are appreciated. If you have any questions, please email Briana Bergeron at

Requests will be reviewed by the PTA President and/or Treasurer and you will receive an email when it's approved and you can purchase your items. All Poly PTA STEAM Grant purchases are gifted to Poly Drive Elementary School and remain the property of the school.

If you have any questions, please contact the PTA President, Briana Bergeron, at Thank you!
This includes requests for a future project or field trip that will happen after February 1, 2020. We want to ensure classrooms benefit from grant purchases for as much of the school year as possible. This also gives the PTA time to compile the results and share them with Poly families before the end of the school year.
Grant Request Details
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Staff can submit requests individually or you can delegate one person to submit the full request for a grade level.
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Grade Level *
Request Summary: *
Please provide a description of your planned purchase or activity. This should include details on the individual items you intend to purchase or location for a field trip/activity. Feel free to send attachments with additional details to
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Total Dollar Amount Requested: *
This should cover all your expected costs. If this project does not use the full $600 of grant money, you can submit an additional request later in the year to use your remaining funds.
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Purchasing Your Items
Please let us know how you intend to purchase your items so that we can better track reimbursements to the school. We will not reimburse teachers for purchases made on their personal credit cards unless arrangements are made in advance, all items purchased need to use the school PCARD.
After my request is approved, I will *
After receiving PTA approval, we prefer that you make your purchases. Here is how it works...
Once you are notified that your request is approved, please purchase the items with the school PCARD. You will need to submit a receipt for your purchase to Ms. Vicki AND to the Poly PTA. To submit your receipt to the PTA, please complete the simple reimbursement form found in the PTA file box in Ms. Vicki's office and attach it to a copy of your receipt. The PTA Treasurer will use this to track our payments to the school for PCARD purchases. If your request is to use these funds for a school activitiy (i.e. field trip bus) that does not include purchased items, please note that above and we will follow up with you directly.
Updates on how grant was used are DUE WITHIN TWO WEEKS of receiving items or completing a field trip.
In order to continue to be eligible for the Classroom Grants, you must submit a brief write-up or quote from students, explaining how you used your grant. This should be submitted to the Communications Committee Chair, Renee Wizeman, Photos (not including student's faces) should attached. We will use these updates in our monthly PTA Newsletter, email updates to our list and Facebook posts to help parents better understand how their support is used within our school.
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