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First Timers [YOUR CITY] Generic sign up sheet
First Timers is a gig where every bands plays its first show. It's also a season of workshops, skillshares and a celebration of the demystification of music making. It's also a supportive environment for people new to playing music. It's NOT an open mic session, so if you want to you perform you'll need to register here

Sign up here to reserve a spot on [DAY ONE] or [DAY TWO]


- Your set can be of any style, genre or persuasion with any kind of instruments. It cannot be a solo set.
- You can play for any length of time between 5 and 20 minutes.
- You'll be contacted closer to the time for further details.

The deadline to sign up to play is [two-three MONTHS]

What is the name of your band, group or project? *
If you don't have one, or have a working title (e.g. you and your members names) only that's also okay.
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Please list the names of the people in the group and what they will be playing *
Don't worry if you don't know/have all of them yet, this is just to make sure there isn't too much repetition!
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Eligibility *
First Timers is about getting new faces and voices in bands, and doing something about the lack of diversity in the make-up of our music community. The criteria below aren't intended to exclude anyone, but are direct way of addressing this. As such, your band must be able to collective say YES to at least TWO of these statements about your band to be true. If you want to state anything else about the make up of your group that you feel meets criteria, put it under 'Other.'
Main Person contact email *
This doesn't need to be a band email, just any email you're happy to be emailed on about First Timers.
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Please note any accessibility requirements any members of your band have here
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Anything else we should know?
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