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Collaborative Arts for Mental Health: Workshops
This workshop series, put on in collaboration with affiliated faculty from across departments, was developed in an effort to bridge gaps between students and faculty on the subject of mental health in our community. These workshops were created to offer students skills in finding joy, loving oneself, coping with trauma, navigating Middlebury, or exploring one's identity. We think that there are some great workshops lined up here, so sign up and make something great (or try something new!) + Even consider displaying your art at the final Collaborative Arts for Mental Health Gallery space in Johnson Pit on 4/29. Signups to display your art can be found here: go/mhgalleryartists

This form will close next Friday, April 15th. You'll know your workshop by the end of that weekend! We'll also make sure to put your workshop group on an email with your professor. Information on materials, location, and anything else necessary for your workshop will be available once you’re all signed up!
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Sunset Walk and Story Circle: Dana Yeaton  *DATE CHANGE* (April 20th @6:15PM)
Oratory Now and Professor Yeaton will offer storytelling prompts, plus a trick or two for feeling calm and connected to an audience. Also popcorn!

6:15 - Coltrane Lounge: The Walk Begins . . .
Pair up, and practice sharing stories as we head down the hill

7:00 – The Knoll: Story Circle
Tell a story around the fire, or just listen

Rain location: Coltrane
Writing into the Void: Megan Mayhew-Bergman (4/20 @4-5PM)
A one hour session with writer & professor Megan Mayhew-Bergman. We'll work through some writing prompts, talk about building healthy relationships with a creative practice, discuss techniques for challenging subject matter. There will be space for Q&A
Experimental drawing: Heimo Wallner (4/21 @7PM)
Reflective drawing practice.
Drum Healing: Marc Lapin (4/21 @7PM)
Sitting around a ceremonial community drum, we will create and engage with rhythms designed to open and energize chakra's, those important energy centers in our bodies. No experience necessary; simply bring yourself with open heart, mind, and ears.
Creative Writing Salon: Karin Gottshall (4/21 @7-8:30PM)
In this workshop we will use a variety of writing exercises and prompts to loosen our imaginations and experience language in an expressive and embodied way. The focus will be on playfulness and process, and accepting language's invitation into realms of beauty, mystery, and strangeness.
Our Body is Our Home: Meshi Chavez (4/21 @7:45PM)
Our body is our home, we live in it everyday. Surprisingly, we are given very little training in inhabiting our bodies fully. Embodiment/Empowerment is beginning explorations in learning to fully inhabit the body. Movement can boost confidence and clear the mind, while paving the way for a healthier relationship to the self. This workshop is for anyone who has a body, movers and non movers alike. Join Middlebury’s Dance Department Artist in Residence as we step deeper into our bodies and discover what’s hidden there.
When Might Therapy be Helpful?: Maggie Clinton (4/26 @6:30PM)
What is psychotherapy? How might individual psychotherapy work in tandem with social activism to redress racist, sexual, and other forms of violence that harm individuals in the first place? In this workshop, we will consider differences between therapy and other supportive relationships, and address questions you might have about whether it could be helpful for you. Participants will be invited to join writing reflection exercises regarding personal expectations and community norms about seeking therapeutic help. The workshop leader is a licensed social worker (LMSW) who practices as a therapist when not teaching in the History Department.
The Personal and Political Power of Book Arts: Rebekah Irwin (4/26 @5:30PM)
Learn the basics of zine-making and book-making to create handmade manifestations of self-expression. We will provide paper, supplies, and techniques. Create a journal for self-reflection and intimate thoughts or a radical zine to start a revolution or change minds. Access the physical and mental catharsis of bookmaking.
Writing for Well-Being Workshop: Genie Giaimo (4/28 @4:30)
Join the Writing Center Director (and Writing and Rhetoric faculty member), Dr. Genie Giaimo for this interactive workshop on writing for well-being . Together, we will engage in reflective and contemplative writing activities. We will talk about writing to heal. And we will set goals that help us apply writing to our well-being. A peer writing tutor will also be on hand to help facilitate this workshop. Bring yourself and paper/pen and/or a computer. We will provide the prompts, activities, and encouragement!
The Poetics of Silence: A Poetry Workshop: Stacie Cassarino (4/28 @4:30-6)
This workshop will center on breaking and creating silences through poetry. Drawing from Audre Lord’s idea of the transformation of silence into language and action, we will work towards writing silences, unearthing hidden subjects, translating the unsayable, and exploring how the spaces of a poem open encounters with silence & sound, self & world, body & mind. In readings and writing exercises that invite us to work within, through, and beyond language, we’ll also consider the spaces between words (what’s withheld, unsaid, left out from the body of a poem), especially in relation to embodied identities (queer, racial, gendered), and as reflective of the process of memory (trauma, grief). Our engagement with poetry will cover formal, spatial, oral, musical, and visual ideas, and will focus on connections to mindfulness and healing. Poetic forms will include erasure, confessional, epistolary, prose, elegy, found, ode, ekphrastic, and more.
Queer Body Love: Catherine Wright (4/28 @5-6PM)
In this session we will engage in some guided imagery and other practices, including drawing and writing affirmations, to support positive and connected relationships with our bodies and minds. There will also be a chance to reflect on your experience of the practices. You can come for part or all of the session, just enter and leave quietly if you aren’t there for the whole hour.  
Mindful Playfulness: Olga Sanchez Saltveit (4/28 @6-7PM)
This one-hour movement workshop focuses on making "downtime" nourishing by practicing peaceful and playful awareness. Using Mary Overlie's Viewpoints, a dance and theatre practice, we'll explore our relationship to the present moment and its potential. Dress comfortably to move, and bring something to write with (crayons, colored pencils or markers, etc., welcome).
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