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KIN Convening 2019 Application
Thank you for considering applying for the KIN Convening this coming October. We are a growing organisation based in the UK and our aim is to bring together Black people who are organising for radical and structural change in their communities and wider society. When we say radical structural change we mean change that moves beyond the liberal notions of ‘representation and diversity’. We work with activists that seek to challenge the structures of society from its core and hold politics that are; anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, queer and so on. We connect and facilitate spaces for these people to heal, grow, and build meaningful relationships with the intention that this will strengthen and enrich the wider movements for Black people and Black lives around the world. We hold the core values of community, joy, queer ethics, Black liberation, and healing; all of which will underpin the planning and execution of this international convening.

We are inviting black activists from around the world to join us in the UK for a 3-day convening. The convening will be collaborative in nature and so we will be building the programme primarily from sessions delivered from participants. KIN will offer support and guidelines in the development of your session. The sessions aim to focus on some key issue areas we've identified this year which are migration, incarceration, climate justice and the rise of the far right. You're invited to pitch a session related to this and/or one which speaks to one of these themes: history and our current contexts, how we produce knowledge and who who owns it, how we organise at the intersections of blackness, space for healing and building relationships or movement mapping and/or skill-sharing. These can overlap e.g. history and context of reparations in climate justice but they don't have to.

It is important that all participants of the convening are available for the whole 3 days, from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th of October 2019, and also for the welcoming social on Thursday 17th October, in the evening. Please check your availability before applying. All expenses for the convening will be paid including; travel, visas, accommodation, and all meals. The convening will take place in Manchester, you will be updated on the location as soon as possible.

This application form should take about 30 minutes to complete, it is just a chance for you to tell us a little about yourself and your organising. It is split in to 3 sections, there is the opportunity to complete section two using video/ audio please see here for upload information: or feel free to email us directly with your alternative application. The video/audio should be around 5-7minutes long.

If you have any further questions or if there is an alternative way that you would like to send in your application that is more accessible for you then please email us at

You have until Monday 5th August, 9am BST to apply. We will be in touch with you after that date to inform you of the next steps in the process.

Thank you and we really hope to see you in October!

All of your information will be held securely and only used for the purposes of this convening unless you instruct us otherwise.

NB We define black as people of Sub-Saharan African descent

** If you are not comfortable filling out this form in English, please fill it out in whichever language you are most comfortable with. We will be arranging language support for the convening so please don’t be deterred by any language barriers.

Si vous préférez ne pas remplir ce formulaire en anglais, veuillez le remplir dans la langue avec laquelle vous êtes le plus à l'aise. Nous aurons un soutien linguistique lors de la réunion, donc ne vous laissez pas décourager par les barrières linguistiques.

Se você não se sentir à vontade para preencher este formulário em inglês, por favor, preencha-o em qualquer idioma com o qual você se sinta mais à vontade.Teremos suporte em idiomas durante a reunião, por isso, não se deixe intimidar por nenhuma barreira de idioma.

Si prefiere no completar este formulario en inglés, complételo en el idioma con el que se sienta más cómodo. Tendremos soporte de idiomas en la convocatoria, así que, por favor, no se desanime por ninguna barrera del idioma.

Wenn Sie dieses Formular nicht auf Englisch ausfüllen möchten, füllen Sie es bitte in der Sprache aus, in der Sie sich am wohlsten fühlen. Wir haben Sprachunterstützung bei der Einberufung, lassen Sie sich also nicht von Sprachbarrieren abhalten.**

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