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Fitness Room Contract 2018/19
High School students are permitted to use the fitness room during certain supervised hours. Agreeing to the below rules and disclaimer indicates that you have read and understood the contract. Once you submit this form, your name will appear on the list posted by the Fitness Room doors granting you access to the facility.
Grade 9 students must go through a weight room orientation in PE class before they can use the facility

We reserve the right to remove your Fitness Room privilege if facility rules are not followed

Mick Cooper
ICS Activities and Athletics Director

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Personal Workout – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3:30pm to 5:15pm - Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm
Facility Rules *
1.Change into proper workout attire, 2. Adhere to acceptable and safe workout practices and etiquette, 3. No food or soft drinks, 4. Rack weights when done, 5. Use personal towels to wipe down equipment when done 6. Keep my music to myself
Disclaimer *
1. I understand there are risks and dangers inherent in using fitness facilities. Use of the facility is always at your own personal risk'. 2. I am physically sound and suffering from no known condition, impairment or other illness that would prevent me from using fitness equipment. 3. I understand and agree that |l will ask for guidance if I am unsure as to how to use or operate any piece of equipment in the fitness facility. 4. ICS is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals participating in any exercise activity on school campus. Participation is on a voluntary basis. 5. Students are required to behave according to the rules and regulations in the Student Handbook.
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