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2018 Blizzcon Badge Commissions
Hey there!
I'm LtSkippz and I'll be opening my first year of doing Blizzcon badge commissions! What makes my borders unique is I decided to make one of a kind borders for multiple of World of Warcraft classes.

I will be opening commissions for character portraits in the border of your choice from the list below. All commissions will include:
- 5" x 6" Digital HD character portrait without badge frame
- 5" x 6" Physical gloss print of your character portrait without frame
- 5" x 6" (approx.) Laminated Badge with portrait
- Metal Badge Clip

Badge orders are $90 USD which includes domestic shipping (international is $5 extra)
Adding a Battle Pet is extra $10
PayPal payments are accepted ONLY in USD and through PayPal invoice within 48 hours of sketch approval.

Your submission won't be shared until you hit the "Submit" button.
Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. Thank you!

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