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Bizarre Haunted Flea Market
May 12, 2018
Old Bethpage Village Restoration Barn
1303 Round Swamp Rd, Old Bethpage, NY 11804

Set-Up on Saturday at 8am to 10:30am sharp. There will be NO vendors permitted to set up or bring in ANY merchandise after 10am due to liability issues from the county. Once you've unloaded near the Barn you will need to move your vehicle back into the parking lot. Arriving after 10:30am will result in not being allowed to set up as doors open at 11am and we don't want to look like a hot mess due to Late Set-Up. Please don't push this button. We promise you won't be able to set-up.

Vendor Room Doors Open for Customers at:
Saturday: 11:00am to 7pm

All vendors MUST thoroughly READ then fill out this form and wait to be approved. PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT A VENDOR APPLICATION 5 TIMES OVER. 1 TIME AROUND IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR EACH EVENT DATE.

Vendors are NOT able to set-up for Bizarre Haunted Flea Market unless they've received a confirmation acceptance email from TwitchTwitch Productions management. Finally... remember, this is a FLEA MARKET concept so that means people are coming in looking for fantastic prices. Bring some great deals to your table.

We have needed to change up some things when it comes to payment for a space. Please be sure to read this thoroughly.

If you are interested in ONLY obtaining a table space as a SPIRITUAL READER and not selling ANY merchandise at the event then a 6ft table space will be a flat $50 fee to be paid in advance once you've been approved for the first time. You will receive an invoice that will have a due date. If you wish to return then the space will increase to $65 going forward. Keep in mind, once you've attended 2 times consecutively there is no guarantee of being approved for the next event to allow for others to get a chance to participate.

Approved Retailers: Once you have been approved you DO NOT send us a vendor table payment in advance. You pay 15% of your sales to us each day. Please understand that selling as much as possible is the name of the game. If you see that you were only able to turn in a few dollars as your 15% then this is not the event for you which is A-OK. At least we both tried but at the end neither of us made any money.

Approved vendors will ONLY be provided ONE vendor space measuring 6ft x 6ft. We ask that all vendors please stay within their 6x6 space. We ask that if you already own a table please bring it with you as the Village has old tables and they're usually short a good 25 tables as the tables keep getting damaged. Having everyone try and bring a table helps out a great deal. We will have approx. 55 tables on hand ready for those who don't have a table. Some tables are kissing each other and others have about 1ft on one side or both sides. We need to try to fit everyone in so we kindly ask that EVERYONE please work with each other when it comes to moving into to your space.

Because we do not charge in advance for your (1) table space PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ANOTHER. If you want to purchase 2 spots then by all means check that off below and you will be sent an invoice for $150 with a due date in advance.

Each vendor will be expected to pay 15% of their sales each event day. Our staff will visit each vendor at the end of the day for collections. Your payment can be paid in cash or transferred via Paypal. Each vendor will be provided a sales tracking form so that they can accurately keep track of the day's sales. PLEASE do not leave your forms blank to then only add a total at the end. We are working on a honesty program here. If this is not a procedure you want to follow then we ask that you NOT move forward with being part of this event.

We will only have space for approx. 80 vendors. Once we have approved our vendors we strongly suggest interested vendors continue to fill out the vendor application as we would be creating waiting list.

We're looking for vendors that will fit in with this Flea Market and make some money. Make your space FUN! Us receiving only $22 for your 15% of sales makes it very difficult for us to make back what we've already paid out for. If customers see YOU having fun then that makes them want to stick around your space. This will make things loads of fun. This is a great event for those vendors who sell: Halloween Props, Haunted House Furniture & Costumes, Morbid Crafts & Art, Music, DVDs/CDs/Tapes/VHS, unusual jewelry, Creepy Toys, Taxidermy, Victorian Clothing or Pics, Paranormal Investigation Equipment, and so much more.

Just to reiterate about the 15%: **Example: If you sold $200 on any given event day then your payment for your table will be $30. If you sold $500 on any one given day then your payment for your table will be $75. If you sold $1000 then your payment for your table will be $150 (cash will be so much more preferred when making your payment). If you sold $1500 on any one given day then your payment for your table will be $200 in cash instead of the $225. (15% of $1500 = $225). Essentially, if you make money we make money. Got it? Good.

*Failure to pay your fee on Saturday will result in never being allowed to vend at another Bizarre Haunted Flea Market.

*Failure to report accurate daily sales for the sake of cheating on your table fee can and will result in NEVER being allowed to vend at another TwitchTwitch Productions event. We're doing things this way because we believe this to be a fair way so let's be honest and work well together.

*Failure to show up for your held vendor space will result in NEVER being allowed to vend at another Bizarre Haunted Flea Market event.

*We understand that customers can push our buttons BUT we ask that everyone kindly keep calm and run a professional vendor space. If there are issues with a customers then inform one of our staff members immediately.

*Do not take up more space than what has been provided.

*Customers will be provided with timed tickets so it is imperative that you are set-up and ready to go otherwise you risk losing sales.

*All approved vendors are asked to distribute fliers during their convention travels. We all need to help with promotions. It's team work friends.

* Being approved for one Bizarre Haunted Flea Market DOES NOT guarantee being approved for the next one. There will be vendors who will ask to be on the Wait-List and to be fair we can not repeat every single vendor every single time.

* Electricity will be provided BUT you must bring your own extension cords AND please be fair with the outlets available. These outlets are ONLY available at vendor spaces against the walls therefore you will need to mention needing a wall space on your application in advance. There should NOT be gaffer tape holding down extension cords in the aisles.

Inside the Vendor's Barn
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