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2019 Producer Tech Form
Deadline: May 10

All Fringe Run venues will be equipped at a minimum with basic light and sound systems. Any other scenic, lighting, sound, effect, or projection needs you may have are considered requests, and must be approved by the St. Lou Fringe Production staff in advance of loading in at your venue.

The accuracy and completeness of this form will help us match your venue requirements with our venues, therefore it is imperative that you properly list all of your technical requests. NO SMOKE MACHINES, FOGGERS OR HUMAN RIGGING OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THE KAF SPACES.

All requests made here are subject to approval of Festival Production Staff. The Festival Staff reserves the right to deny any requests made AFTER the Technical Questionnaire deadline: May 10.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. If applicable, please email us a copy of your script to give our venue staff a point of reference for technical cues.
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