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TÄRKKILÄ Participation Application 2022
Please fill out the form below to apply for a partisipation position at Tärkkilä.
This form is confidential. Declained applications will not be stored. Thank you for your honesty. (Oblicatory information "Sähköpostiosoite" is e-mail address! For some reason google does not allow to change.)

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Do you have any serious medical conditions, allergies, or communicable diseases? Please list any medical conditions such as seizures, serious food, sting, or medical allergies, communicable diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS. Please understand that this is for your safety.
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Nobody is irreplaceable. You may find that after all Tärkkilä is not the best place for you at this time of your life. Will you commit to take care of yourself and move on if you do not enjoy your stay? *
So far we never sent anyone away, but sometimes things might get too heavy for the hosts. Will you be prepaired to move on within 24 hours if asked to? *
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