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Form must be completed before you will be allowed to attend AfterCare or Support Group at Opal Counseling.
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1. Group sessions are confidential. Members and leaders are bound ethically and legally to not disclose the contents of the sessions in any way that could identify members of the group. This is for the trust and safety of each group member.

2. Respect others’ time to speak. Do not interrupt when someone has “the floor" and refrain from having private conversations during group. Effective communication requires both listening and sharing. This applies to phones, too.

3 .Be on time: this shows respect for the process and others.

4. Respect others’ opinions. Accepting differences helps us to grow and learn. Try not to make judgmental statements. The world would be boring if we all cared about or liked the same things.

5. No touching, hugging or comforting when someone is sharing. Letting someone feel is a part of healing. The group leader will act as needed, if needed.

6. Expect and respect moments of silence: Quiet is a form or a process of seeking an answer, and does not have to be awkward!

7. Participation is expected. While certain circumstances may result in your need to sit quietly for a bit, coming to group brings the expectation that attendees participate.

8. To avoid inadvertently triggering another individual, please abstain from talk of anything that could be considered an unhealthy coping mechanism. For example, talk of drugs or alcohol could trigger an addict and make group unhelpful for them. Some people do not share their triggers so do not make assumptions. Other triggers can include: food, chaotic environments, driving, loud noises, etc.

9. Remember that we are here to continue the purpose of IOP and to support group members as they transition to and live life after the IOP.

If you have read the above rules and expectations and agree to comply during AfterCare and/or Support Group, please type your name below. Your entered name will be considered to be your signature.

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