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McMUN Consulting Application
"Year after year McMUN never fails to deliver innovative and dynamic experiences to its delegates. This year, our brand new McMUN Consulting Group will challenge every delegate to combine his or her MUN skills with that of a consultant. Beginners and veterans alike will be provided with the necessary tools and techniques to come up with innovative solutions to an intricate and unique case designed by a local or international company. Using cooperation and resourcefulness delegates will organically form in teams to create a successful business initiative and present their proposal in front of their peers and company representatives.

Instead of resolutions, powerpoints and strategy proposals will be used to convey your ideas like never before. Delegates in this committee will be able to experience the high-intensity and fast-paced atmosphere of a real case competition and develop business skills relevant to the consulting industry! Please note that the case will be released a few days prior to McMUN."

*Application closes November 15th

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