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Yearbook End of Summer Survey
Thank you for taking this survey! By doing this, you are making our book better and we appreciate it so much. Feel free to answer the questions as honestly and openly as you wish. No names will be used in the book without total consent from the student. For any questions/concerns, please contact Grace Williams at
What grade are you in? *
What is your name (optional)
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Did you attend the rally for Planned Parenthood on May 30? *
If so, what made you want to attend?
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Did you attend any concerts this summer? If so, which ones: *
Did you attend any of the downtown Kirkwood thursday night concerts in front of Bar Louie? *
Do you know someone who has performed on one of these nights, present or in the past? *
Have you picked up your schedule for the upcoming school year? *
If so, was your experience different from year(s) prior? (if applicable) *
If yes, how so?
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Do you play a fall sport? *
Did you pick up your practice card?
What are your thoughts on the new online format and use of the new program? (if applicable)
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Do you think it made the acquisition of a card easier or harder?
Did you attend PrideFest in downtown STL? *
If so, did you go in a group or on your own?
Did you post about the event on social media? (If you are interested in having your post in the upcoming yearbook, please leave your handle in the short answer below this question)
Social media handles:
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