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How I made a difference during the pandemic:
Please use this confidential form to tell us the story about how you used your skills as a nurse anesthetist during the pandemic to assist facilities and patients. All the information you provide will be used anonymously. We will only use your contact information if we have a question.
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How many facilities did you work in during the pandemic? *
What kind of facility did you work in (ie: hospital, clinic, etc.)? *
Where were the facilities located? Check all that apply. *
b. If you worked out of state, please list the states:
What was your role on the job and what departments did you work in? (ie: intubation specialist in ICU) *
Describe how you were able to practice to the full scope of your education and certification during the pandemic due to the temporary lifting of the Joint Protocol. *
Describe what it was like working during the pandemic, (chaotic, long hours, emotional, etc.)t
Describe how your skills as an advanced practice nurse benefited the patients. If you have a story about a particular patient/their family, please share it here.
Describe how your skills as advanced practice nurse benefited the facility.
Why were you working at these facilities? *
What kinds of praise did you get from the facility mangers or administration for the services you provided? Please describe.
Do you think the facility/administrator you worked for would be willing to provide a quote for us about the how invaluable your skills were during the crisis? If Yes, please indicate the facility and contacts name.
If you are willing to have us contact you for more information please provide your full name and phone number below.
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