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RavenCon Party Notification Form
PLEASE NOTE (added 4/9/2018): If you are submitting this form after 4/9/2018, we will do our best to block you with the rest of the parties, but cannot guarantee that you will be in the party block as we have sent the blocking request to the hotel.

Interested in hosting a party? We'll help make sure it goes perfectly, we just need a little information first. Please be sure that you have already made your reservation and you have your confirmation number.

We will do our best to accommodate all parties and their specific needs, but we cannot make any guarantees.

In order to create a more festive party atmosphere, better flow between the various parties, and reduce (or even eliminate!) noise complaints, we are requiring all parties to register in advance and be in the Party Block. Being in a Party room also ensures that if the hotel receives any complaints regarding your party, they will contact the convention first.

Parties outside of the block WILL be shut down by hotel security or the convention.

Party hosts are responsible for adhering to convention policies, hotel rules, and local, state, and federal laws.

We look forward to working with you.

Name of Party (i.e. WorldCon Bid Party, My Book Launch, Chocolate Fest, etc.) *
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Party Host / Contact Name *
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Email address of party host *
Please be sure this is a valid address you check regularly!
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Phone Number *
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The party will be on: *
Name of person listed on the reservation *
Please give us the real name of the person listed on the reservation (no badge names, please!). This allows us to make sure the hotel blocks the room correctly.
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My hotel room confirmation number is: *
(We need this information to help ensure that your party will be placed with other parties and does not disturb hotel guests.)
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I would like the bed removed from the room *
The hotel charges $200 per room to remove the bed. You will be responsible for this charge.
I would like connecting rooms *
We will do our best to accomodate your request but cannot guarantee a room type until closer to the convention. If you have multiple reservations with different confirmation numbers, please include the confirmation numbers and name the reservation is under in the special requests section below.
I have other special requests not covered by this form.
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By initialing below I understand that I am responsible for following convention rules, hotel rules, local, state, and federal laws. *
My initials below indicate I have read and understand the above statement.
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