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媽媽愛哺乳2017 報名表格-Breastfeed For Love 2017 Registration Form

Dress Code:
黃、金、橙 / 附有金色蝴蝶結飾物或圖案*
Yellow, Gold, Orange / Any Accessories with a Golden Bow or Similar Patterns

*黃金蝴蝶結 – 母乳餵哺是初生嬰兒餵養的黃金標準,蝴蝶結的一環代表母親,另一環則代表孩子,兩者勻稱才可達致成功母乳餵哺;而中間的結代表父親、家庭及社會,沒有他們的支撐,蝴蝶結便不能繫上。伸延的絲帶代表未來,我們會以純母乳餵哺至孩子六個月,並輔以固體餵哺至兩歲或以上。

To support and correspond to the "World Breastfeeding Week" during August 1 to 7, we will organize an annual event on July 30, which involves activities like guest sharing, breastfeeding clothes catwalk show and market booths. We would like to invite all the breastfeeding families to join us and celebrate.

*The use of the gold colour for the bow symbolises that breastfeeding is the gold standard for infant feeding. One loop represents the mother. The other loop represents the child. The ribbon is symmetrical, telling us the mother and child are both vital to successful breastfeeding. The knot is the father, the family and the society. Without the knot, there would be no bow; without the support, breastfeeding cannot succeed. The ribbons are the future: the exclusive breastfeeding for six months, a continued breastfeeding for 2 years or more with appropriate complmentary feeding.

日期 Date: 30/7/2017

時間 Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
(入場註冊及市集於1:00 p.m. 開始)
(Registration and Market Booths Starts at 1:00 p.m.)

地點 Venue:
觀塘興業街4號 The Wave 7樓 (觀塘地鐵站B2出口)
Level 7, The Wave, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (Kwun Tong MTR Exit B2)

主題 Theme:
The Sustainability and Rights of Breastfeeding


指引 Instruction
If more than one participant, please use comma(s) to separate the names.

例: 陳大文, 陳小明
Example: Peter Chan, Simon Chan

參加家長人數 Number of adults
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參加家長姓名 Name of participating adults
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參加孩子人數 Number of kids
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參加孩子姓名 Name of participating kids
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電話 Telephone
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電郵 Email
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您會在場使用母乳巾餵哺母乳嗎?Will you be using any breastfeeding clothes to breastfeed during the event?
聲明 Disclaimer
Your provided information will be kept confidentially. Unless you opt to receive our future news, your personal information will be destroyed once the event is finished.
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