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Apprenticeship Application
Welcome Beauties. We are so honored to connect with you here. Please fill out this application.

Once you have completed this you can visit: to schedule your interview with our Apprenticeship Assistant.

Please note that we have not chosen a location for the in person immersions for 2020. They may be outside of the United States.

We are currently offering 2 options to begin apprenticing with us. We are offering both a 200 hour or 500 hour programs. The difference is the 500 hour program includes Level One and Level Two which includes a month long in person immersion. The 200 hour program includes a 2 week in person immersion.

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13 Moon Wise Womb Apprenticeship Program
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Sometimes in this work, we are shown ourselves, especially parts we don’t love like or even acknowledge. Can you remember reading this when those edges show themselves to you? And remember that in this space together, we meet those edges with curiosity... rather than projection... And if those areas are met with resistance or projection... you may be challenged to take a deeper look... Are you ok with that? *
Making the Commitment to Self...
It is important to us that each student understands that this is an apprenticeship yes with me (Naomi), but mostly a commitment to themselves, and spirit. I am just the space holder, the facilitator. Spirit moves through me to support you on your path in your own personal healing journey and through this journey your skill set as a healer is revealed.

The process of apprenticeship is more about your embodiment and personal healing and less about becoming trained... That is just the side note. Rather the most important part of this work is that you are here for YOU, that you desire to be held in this field that we co-create together. And yes, I offer levels throughout the years to deepen and be held, and yet, it is still more about your journey and supporting you than being a training. (although it is)

The apprenticeship is an experience to support you in dropping in fully, to learn ancient practices to support your embodiment and personal evolution. We go deep together, we build a collective, a community... Are you ready?

Are you still a HELL YES to being part of this? Then keep reading...
Here is a list of basic guidelines we as a sisterhood and collectively follow. Please tick each checkbox to acknowledge you accept each of these.
Accepting Commitments *
Because this is an apprenticeship we do not accept drop outs, there are NO refunds and you are expected to attend all of the in person immersions.
By clicking submit, you hereby acknowledge and accept the guidelines outlined above.
Please visit the link provided here to schedule your interview:

We look forward to connecting with you!

In Love and Light,

Naomi Love
Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path™

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