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OLC Campus Reservation and Bus Form

Use this form to reserve a day for your students at the OLC.

Form must be submitted online 4 weeks in advance of requested date.
Prior to campus visits, ALL teachers must attend the required PreVisit Training each school year. This training must be completed at least 3 weeks before your campus visit.

All campuses/groups must have prior approval to visit the OLC.

For reservation information please contact:
Allyson Luppy

For instructional or programming questions please contact:
Amy Hollenshead
Email *
Please choose your campus from the dropdown list. *
Grade Level--please choose from dropdown list. *
Please select student group type from the dropdown. *
When Would You Like to Visit the OLC?
The calendar on the OLC Website is kept up-to-date daily. You can access the OLC Calendar at the following URL: After you have the calendar pulled up, choose the month you are interested in from the dropdown at the top and click on "GO."

It is your responsibility to check the OLC Calendar prior to making your reservation to ensure that the dates you would like are available. The OLC does NOT see campuses on Mondays. We can only allow one campus visit per day, so if another campus has already reserved a date, that day is no longer available. Days on the OLC Calendar marked with "OLC Closed to Campus Experiences" are not available for scheduling.
Prior to choosing the following dates, I looked at the OLC Calendar and: *
Date of Visit *
Alternate Visit Dates (in case the date you request is unavailable). *
Determining Your Campus Pick-Up and OLC Departure Times
Each school campus has an assigned morning bus arrival time that has been predetermined by Reliant Transportation so that it works best with their morning bus schedule. 15 minutes is allowed for pick-up, which includes getting all students, faculty, and chaperones loaded on the bus and buckled in. Afternoon departure time from the OLC for elementary school groups will usually be 1:45 PM, unless otherwise arranged with the OLC Coordinator. Afternoon departure time from the OLC for secondary school groups will be chosen by the person making the reservation.
Please choose your campus from the dropdown list to determine approximately what time buses should arrive at your campus on the morning of your trip. *
OLC Departure Time-Elementary Campuses (Remember elementary campuses usually depart at 1:45 PM. If you need to leave earlier, please specify below. ) *
OLC Departure Time-Secondary Campuses *
Lead Teacher's Name *
Lead Teacher's Cell Phone Number (The bus driver needs contact info just in case he or she has important information to relay.) *
Lead Teacher's Email Address *
How many faculty members will attend, please include Special Ed Aides. *
Please list names of all faculty members attending, including Special Ed Aides. *
How many Students will attend? *
How many Chaperones will attend? (For Kindergarten and First Grade, we recommend 1 Chaperone for every 5 Students. All other grade levels, 1 Chaperone to every 11 Students.) *
Who will pay for the buses used to transport your students? (The OLC will pay for one trip each for Kinder, 1st, 4th, and 5th grades. AP Environmental Science, 7th, and 8th grades should be Coach driven trips.) *
Do you need a Reliant driver? *
If Reliant drivers are not needed, please provide the names of the certified drivers for this trip.
Will you need a Special Ed bus for this trip? *
If you answered yes to needing a Special Ed bus, will the Special Ed bus need to remain at the OLC for the duration of your visit?
Clear selection
If you answered yes to needing a Special Ed bus, please check the appropriate boxes below regarding your group's specific needs.
If your group includes Special Ed students, will they need transportation while visiting the OLC? (i.e., golf cart)
Clear selection
Where should the buses pick up and drop off students at your campus on the day of your trip? *
Do you have any students with photography restrictions coming with you to the OLC? *
Please choose one of the following lunch options for your OLC visit. *
Before submitting your reservation, please read and mark all that apply. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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