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Request an Evaluation
Welcome to Keystone Pediatric Therapy

Your child's primary care physician has recommended a speech/language/feeding and/or occupational therapy evaluation.

What happens next:
* Your referring doctor will send us a prescription.
* You will "Request an Evaluation" by completely filling out the questions in each section below.
* Our front office personnel will then contact you to schedule the evaluation.

Evaluations take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to complete based on your child's age and specific concerns. During that time, the evaluating therapist will review medical history; discuss your concerns; select, administer, and score standardized testing; review results; and share recommendations for a treatment plan specific to your child's needs.

A detailed copy of your child's initial evaluation will be FAXed to the referring physician and mailed to your home address approximately two weeks after the date of your evaluation.

After the evaluation our front office personnel will help you schedule weekly therapy sessions according to the evaluating therapists recommendations. Therapy sessions are re-occurring on a weekly basis on the same day and time every week.

Contact the office at 972-548-1990 with any questions. We look forward to working with you.
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