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The Roundtable Live (Demo Launch July 2019)
Are you a musician looking for Management, a Label, or trying to take a major Step Up in your career?

I’m launching a Demo Run of a - 12 Week Customized Coaching Program - that meets LIVE on a week-week basis starting July 2019.

About Me

My name is Petal Largie, aka I’ve worked with legendary artist manager Danny Goldberg (Nirvana, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks), established and managed a full service social media for Peaches (XL Recordings), interned in the booking department with Blue Note Entertainment Group in NYC, and curated events in Berlin, Germany with artists such as Dixon (Innervisions), Alex Barack (Jazzanova), Peaches (XL Recordings), Mocky (Feist’s Producer), Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, Boris (Panorama Bar) etc. I’m also an Artist myself (hence the name of my business Artist 2 Artist, and have managed and run my own career in the DJ-nightlife scene, moving from a local DJ in NYC to headlining in 8 countries by the age of 24.

By the end of this 3 month program, you will have:

- A deepened connection with your Purpose as a Creator.
- A clear plan of action (including sustainable goals) for the next 12 months.
- The tools to sustain a long term artistic career that leaves you with a sense of Fulfillment, v.s. drained or destroyed.
- The ability and confidence to make important career decisions.
- The processes to solidly plan any type of project, i.e. recording schedule, album, vetting a new business team (management, label, etc), or planning a tour.
- Clear boundaries, and a strong sense of who and what opportunities to steer clear of and what people or opportunities truly align with your Brand Mission.

We’ll work in a small group (maximum 8 ppl) to strategize and solve the following problems:

1. How do I create a ‘professional’ Artist - Brand that can attract the attention of hi-level Managers, Labels, and Booking Agents?
2. How can I create authentic marketing content that stands out in the jungle of Social Media?
3. How can I earn a living and sustain a long term career in the music business?
4. How can I get un-stuck and move my career to the next level?
5. How can I attract more fans?
6. I’m extremely introverted - how am I going to survive in this industry?
7. How can I create sustainable strategies to balance my life and time?
8. How do I create a long term plan for my career?
9. What type of music career is best suited for me? Should I remain independent or pursue the label dream?

How to Apply

Criteria: I’m looking for beginning (unsigned) to mid-level Musicians who are very motivated and very serious about their career and life fulfillment.

There are only 8 places available.
We’ll start ASAP in July 2019.
Cost: 150 per month (450 total). There are 2 bursary, or scholarship places available. Weekly payment plans are also available.

Each session lasts 1.5 hours, and is facilitated Live by (please visit my website for full info and reviews/referrals).

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What are your top three challenges (issues, recurring problems) at this moment? *
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What are your top three goals for your career? Can be huge or small. *
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What has been the highest point in your artistic career thus far? And the lowest? *
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Are you currently represented? Do you have an agency, label, booking agent, friends or family helping you out? *
Bursary or Scholarship only: Please explain your situation throughly.
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Do you have any learning disabilities that I should be aware of (Yes/No)? If Yes, please describe. *
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Is English your native - first language? If No- please choose 'other'. *
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Are you able and willing to commit to meeting every week (same day/time) for the next 3 months. (I will be recording each session). *
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