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Yuanfen Fest: Beta Application Form
If you're interested in helping our Yuanfen Fest writers into polishing their stories, feel free to fill out this application form!
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This is where we'll send your confirmation email and further details if someone has claimed you to be their beta reader!
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In case, you forget to check your email, please put your twitter/tumblr username where we can reach you.
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Please check the highest possible rating you are willing to beta read (i.e select "NC-17" if you're okay with reading anything ranging from G to NC-17. Please note that we use the MPAA rating system).
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Tell us if you may want to beta read more than one fic at the same time!
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Skeeves *
Is there anything you DON'T want to see in the fic you're beta read-ing? Whether it's a kink, pairing, or scene, place them here!
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Tell us about your past beta experience! It doesn't have to be long, just a simple sentence will do!
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Questions/concerns/suggestions? We'd love to hear you out!
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