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Yuanfen Fest: Beta Application Form
If you're interested in helping our Yuanfen Fest writers into polishing their stories, feel free to fill out this application form!
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Primary Email
This is where we'll send your confirmation email and further details if someone has claimed you to be their beta reader!
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Alternative contact information
In case, you forget to check your email, please put your twitter/tumblr username where we can reach you.
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Time Zone
Please use UTC format. (i.e. UTC+9)
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Please check the highest possible rating you are willing to beta read (i.e select "NC-17" if you're okay with reading anything ranging from G to NC-17. Please note that we use the MPAA rating system).
How many works are you willing to beta?
Tell us if you may want to beta read more than one fic at the same time!
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Is there anything you DON'T want to see in the fic you're beta read-ing? Whether it's a kink, pairing, or scene, place them here!
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Beta experience
Tell us about your past beta experience! It doesn't have to be long, just a simple sentence will do!
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Questions/concerns/suggestions? We'd love to hear you out!
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