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Request a mass intention
You may use this form to request a mass intention for someone. Simply follow the steps below and fill in the details. To learn more about what it means to "request a mass" for someone, please consult the document Understanding mass intentions found on my blog.
Name of the person to be prayed for *
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Is the person living or deceased? *
The mass texts differ depending on whether the person being prayed for is alive or deceased. For example, the second Eucharistic Prayer allows the priest to pray in this way: “Remember your servant N., whom you have called from this world to yourself.” It would be embarrassing to use this prayer for someone who is still alive!
Is the person male or female? *
The mass texts can vary depending on whether the person being prayed for is male or female. For example, the third Eucharistic Prayer includes this passage for a deceased person: “Grant that he (she) who was united with your Son in a death like his, may also be one with him in his Resurrection.” It would be embarrassing to get the gender of the person wrong, and it is not always possible to guess the gender of the person simply by their name!
What is this person's religious affiliation? *
The choice of mass text is sometimes informed by the religious status of the person. for a non-baptized person, for example, the priest might use the fourth Eucharistic Prayer, which states: “Remember also those who have died in the peace of your Christ and all the dead whose faith you alone have known.”
If possible, when would you like this mass celebrated?
You can leave this field blank, in which case the mass intention will be remember at the next possible celebration. However, if you do have a specific date in mind for the mass intention, you can enter it here. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a specific date will be available for your unique mass intention, in which case it will be remember at the mass closest to that date.
If possible, what language would you like this mass in? *
While you probably cannot attend the mass to be celebrated for your intention, part of the mass will be recorded and made available as an mp3 file. You can then give a copy of that file to the person who was prayed for, or their family or friends. It helps, then, if the mass was celebrated in a language that people can understand! My mother tongue is English, but I can also celebrate in other languages... sorry for the accent!
Please provide a few details regarding this request, to help me formulate the intention in my heart:
Any information you place in this text box will be kept confidential. As stated on the form, the purpose is to allow me to formulate the intention in my heart. No priest should be a “mass robot”, so I would prefer knowing what exactly I’m praying for.
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Your name *
Your name will be kept confidential. However, a PDF mass card will be prepared and sent to you by email, and it is customary that the name of the person requesting the mass be included on the card.
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Your email *
Your email will be kept confidential. However, in the event I have a question or desire clarification of some point of your request, I need to be able to contact you. Also, I will need to let you know when the audio file of part of the mass, along with a PDF mass card, are available.
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Your religious affiliation
You do not need to indicate your religious affiliation, but if you do it will be kept confidential. I ask this information because it is customary that a person making an intention request spiritually unite himself or herself to the mass even if they cannot be present when that intention is prayed for. I can supply you with a suggested prayer for just this purpose, but it helps to know a bit about your spiritual background to be able to do this well.
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If you have any questions, or want to add anything, you may use this box
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