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SOA Chapter Registration
Welcome to the world's largest youth ocean network!
Thank you for your interest in establishing a Sustainable Ocean Alliance chapter!
Chapters play a critical role in achieving our mission of growing our global impact, as such, there are a few guidelines that we ask chapter leaders to consider to become official chapters of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance. It is recommended but NOT required that each chapter:

- Host at least two awareness-raising events per year (e.g. speakers or film screenings)
- Host at least two impact events each year (e.g. beach cleanups, coral restoration) and report impact metrics (i.e. pounds of trash collected).
- If funding is available, plan to have your chapter attend the annual Sustainable Oceans Summit (Location TBD)
-Support SOA campaigns on social media and through gathering signatures as appropriate
-Recruit members and elect a President each year so that your chapter stays alive beyond each class.
-Respond to any chapter surveys distributed by SOA

*Please note that the guidelines above are recommended and not required. We understand that each chapter will have specific needs/interests. If you have any specific questions please contact

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Sincerely, Sustainable Ocean Alliance Leadership
After filling out this form, we will review your application and if accepted, you will receive the SOA Chapter Guide and more information about getting started.
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