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Saratoga Comic Con - Dance Showcase Application!
Please note the following:

💫 The acts chosen will be done on a first come first served basis.
✨ There will be no repeat songs, so the first group to apply will be granted the ability to do that song, and the other group will have to change songs in order to participate.
💫 Songs with the appropriate cuts must be sent to **No LATER than 4/24/20** . Failure to do so may result in participants being excluded from the showcase.
✨ The showcase will immediately follow the adult cosplay contest. If you are competing in the adult cosplay contest, please notate this in your application so we can arrange our set list and give you time to change if you need to!
💫 Songs must be no longer than 5 minutes to give everyone a fair chance to participate!
✨ All skill levels are welcome to dance! Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
What is your name and social media? *
Leave your email so we can contact you regarding acceptances or if there are any questions. *
What would you like to be introduced as? *
Are you dancing alone or with others? If there are others in your group, please list their preferred names and social media handles as well. *
What song will you be dancing to for the showcase? (Please note the length of the song here as well) *
Will you be competing in the adult costume contest? If so, do you have any special accommodations you need? (Ex: time to change into a new outfit, etc.) *
Anything else we should know? *
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