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RPA School Wide Survey
Please submit feedback regarding your experiences in RPA so far this school year, as well as areas of need.
Do you feel safe inside of school?
What goals do you have?
Your answer
What are your talents?
Your answer
What are your interests? What do you like?
Your answer
How would you rate the rigor (the level of challenge) of your classes?
How supported do you feel by the staff?
Do you feel like adults at school care about you?
Which of the following have you experienced in your life?
Which of the following areas do you need more support? (check all that apply)
Do you have a computer and/or internet at home?
How important is education to you?
If you are enrolled in online classes, how would you rate them?
How effective are staff in communicating your progress to you?
I feel I am being prepared for college or my career?
What do I plan to do after graduation?
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