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Hildur Jackson Award - Extraordinary Project
The Hildur Jackson Award (formerly the "Gaia Excellence Award") is an annual prize of €3000 awarded to those who bring the most impactful inspiration about ecovillages/ecovillage lifestyles to a broad audience. Nominations are accepted from any source, with the only requirement that the nominee must have an updated listing in the GEN Ecovillage Project Map. Awardees will be selected by our Jury with input from an online voting campaign on GEN's social media channels.

This form is for nominations for the most Extraordinary Project, open until 26 August 2019. Nominations will be accepted until this submission form is closed.

Please add the Project in GEN's Ecovillage Database/Map:
To add your project, follow the link to the page and click the green "Add Ecovillage" button.

If your project is already uploaded, then please update it as appropriate!
If you need any technical support doing this, contact

What is the link to the Project on the GEN site? *
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Describe your accomplishments in 2018-2019 (briefly)
What are the main accomplishments of this project in 2019? Why do you feel this project deserves to be celebrated in the GEN network at the moment? *
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How does this project contribute to social sustainability?
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How does this project contribute to ecological sustainability?
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How does this project contribute to cultural sustainability?
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How does this project contribute to economic sustainability?
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Please send 5 HIGH resolution photographs that best illustrate the project via email to:, with "Hildur Jackson Award Nomination- title of your project" in the subject line.

Please also send 1-2 minute video, an 'elevator pitch' that includes:
1. What the project is doing
2. What the project would do with the prize money

Do you give GEN permission to use these images in promotional materials in the future (social media posts, brochures, annual report, etc)? *
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Is there anything else you would like to add?
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Thank you and Good Luck!
We will contact you in the beginning of October 2019 if you are the finalist. There will be a relatively quick decision timeline from the closing date for nominations, so please be prepared to hear from us and respond promptly within the first week of October.
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