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Senior Quotes
KEEP QUOTES APPROPRIATE! Any inappropriate quotes will not be put in the yearbook.

POR FAVOR MANTENGAN LAS COTIZACIONES APROPIADAS! Cualquier cotizaciones inapropiadas no serán puestas en el anuario.

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Nominations for Senior Polls
Please nominate ONE SENIOR BOY and ONE SENIOR GIRL with FIRST AND LAST NAME in each poll.
1. Best Glowup:
2. Most likely to be late to graduation:
3. Most likely to win mom's approval:
4. Most likely to die after saying "Watch this!":
5. Bleeds green and white:
6. Most likely to end up on a reality tv show:
7. Most luscious locks:
8. Most photogenic:
9. Class Clown:
10. Best eyes:
11. Most likely to become President:
12. Best style:
13. Dynamic Duo (Two Girls)
14. Best Bromance:
15. Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket:
16. Worst case of senioritis:
17. Most musical:
18. Most contagious laugh:
19. Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse:
20. Most likely to change the world
21. Most outgoing:
22. Most likely to win an olympic medal:
23. Most likely to travel the world:
24. Class intellectual:
25. Best sense of humor:
26. Most likely to become famous:
27. Hottest wheels
28.Most artistic:
29. Most likely to get caught sleeping in class:
30. Most likely to break a world record:
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