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Guest Contributor (Artisans) - Information Sheet - Vantage Magazine
Thank you for your interest in Vantage Magazine. In an effort to get to know you and your work better, we ask that you fill out this form in detail.

We are currently accepting applications for "makers" in Calgary, if you make anything by hand out of raw materials apply here!
We are accepting applications for issue 7 of Vantage Magazine and for a limited time only. Please provide as much detail as possible, thanks for applying and good luck.

This information is kept private, and will not be disclosed or published in the magazine without your explicit permission.

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Only a few more questions!
We would like to learn about how you describe your skills objectively. Please be as honest as possible when answering these questions as we learn more about you.

These answers do not affect our selection process and are kept confidential.

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