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JBF Overland Park & Shawnee - Tagging Supplies Order
Tagging supplies are available for purchase. Please complete this form with your order and we will process and get it delivered to you as soon as possible. Please note that cash is the only form of payment accepted for supplies.

Supply Tips:
● Use good quality safety pins. Cheap safety pins bend and fold. They won't hold the weight of the clothing.
● Use 65lb. white card stock at minimum. Regular weight paper (20lb.) will not be accepted. It tears and folds easily.
● Zip-ties (Cable-ties) can be used to secure tags to a variety of items; toys, furniture, and shoes (mandatory). Purses, backpacks, diaper bags and baby carriers also need to be zip-tied to hangers.
● Use wire or plastic tube hangers for clothing.

Supplies available:
Tagging Kit $25
• Tagging gun and 200 barbs
• 50 child-sized wire hangers (for clothing sized 4 and under)
• 20 sheet of card-stock (can make 120 tags)
• 200 commercial-grade #1 safety pins
• 20 zip ties (various sizes)
Individual Supplies:
• Tagging Gun with 200 barbs $15
• 200 barbs only $1
• 50 child-sized wire hangers (used for clothing sized 4 and under) $6
• 50 adult-sized wire hangers (used for any size clothing) $6
• 20 sheets of card-stock $1.50
• 200 commercial-grade #1 safety pins $3
• 200 commercial-grade #2 safety pins $4
• 20 zip ties (various sizes) $1
• Tagging gun replacement needle $2

If you have any questions please send an email to

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