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ASL Promo Vlog Template
To create accessible sign language promo videos, we need these following information from you!
Event Title *
Event Date
Event Time
Blurb (max 200 words - for more, please contact us) *
Event Venue
Nearest Intersection
Nearest Accessible TTC
Access Info (example: ASL, intervenors, scent free, etc )
Names of Interpreters *
Contact E-mail
Contact Text Number
Facebook Event Link
Do you want to invite Deaf Spectrum as a co-host on your Facebook Event page? This will increase visibility by making this event appear on our Facebook Page. *
Tickets Link:
Admission Cost (Free, PWYC, Sliding Scale, etc.) *
Preferred Vloggers (specific identities as woman, black, queer, trans, disabled, etc. can be chosen for target audience. If you have a preferred vlogger, please put his/her/their/zir name here):
Targeted Audience(s)? (Examples: Youth, Queer & Trans, BIPOC, Deaf, Parents, etc.) *
Please e-mail and attach any logos/images/flyers that you would like to incorporate in the video!

Please do include image descriptions with any images that will be used in the video. If you want Deaf Spectrum to write up image descriptions for you, extra charges will be applied.
Will you be sending any attachments?
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Will you need Deaf Spectrum's support in writing image descriptions?
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Would you require closed captioning? Note: Closed captions are not required but we do provide a transcript. *
Are you interested in adding voiceovers? Note: This is an option that we're testing on and there is no guarantee that this service will be available for your video.
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If you are interested in getting voiceovers for your video, is there any speaking voice preference?
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Vlog completion date? *
What time? *
We accept PayPal, E-Transfer and Cheques as forms of payment. Please contact to arrange payment. We do not produce vlogs without payment arrangements. Make sure you get in touch with Deaf Spectrum first before confirming our services.
Rush Order Fees
Due to the increase in demand of sign language vlogs - we request that you give us two weeks to produce vlogs. If you need to rush the order, we charge an additional $100 for within 5-9 business days; additional fees will be applied if the turnaround is within 2-4 business days. Thank you for understanding.
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