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Metta Center: Teacher Outreach Survey
We'd love to support educators around the world at all levels (early childhood through college) in bringing nonviolence education to their students with an online membership space for skill-building, resource-sharing, and deepening our shared practice of nonviolence both inside and outside the classroom setting.

We've created this short survey to see how we might best serve you and create the support circle you really need.

Thank you for sharing your input.
What grade/level do you teach?
Your answer
What would motivate you to join a Metta Center led nonviolence membership group for educators like yourself?
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The group is going to be a platform for sharing, discussion, skills training, and encouragement. Is there something else you would like to incorporate into our offering?
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What topics appeal most to you in the realm of peace and nonviolence education (e.g. Direct Action, Restorative Justice, Constructive Solution-building, etc.)?
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What frequency for skills training would appeal the most to you?
In your opinion, what would be a fair monthly/yearly membership fee?
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What would be the ideal time of year for you to join this membership group?
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What kind of forum would be the most helpful for you?
Would you be interested in a 5-week online course that introduces educators to nonviolence?
Can we email you about the launch of the platform? If so, please provide your email.
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Where did you learn about this survey?
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