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2023-2024 Washington Archery Registration
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PARENT/GUARDIAN VOLUNTEERS are needed at each home tournament.  Please choose where you would like to help and an Archery Parent Team member will contact you to select a time slot closer to the tournament date. (Home tournaments: December 2, January 6, and February 24) *
Would you like to join the Archery Parent Team? (During meetings, parents help with planning/generating ideas/volunteering for the archery tournaments and program.) *
Archer's T-shirt Size 
(Cost of shirt is NOT part of registration fee. There will be a shirt order form at the meeting.)
Please list other archers (siblings, transportation buddies to away tournaments, etc.) who need to be scheduled during the same shoot times at tournaments or type NA if not applicable. *
Complete the Iowa NASP Participant Waiver (23-24) (located on the right side of DNR page). Bring completed and signed waiver to the parent/archer meeting on Oct 25.
High School Coach:  Chantelle Helfrich
Middle School Coach:  Lee Applegate
Elementary School Coach:  Dustin Helfrich
October 25 @ 7:OO pm - PARENT/ARCHER MEETING IN THE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM.  Questions directed to Kathy Stender ( *
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