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武甲大直館 課程預約體驗 WUJA Dazhi trial class
【團體課程】 體驗課 NT.299-399/堂
【一對一課程】體驗課 NT.799/堂
【包班課程】 體驗價666元/堂(6人起)


(Group Course) Trial class NT$299-399 for one lesson
(Private Course) Trial class NT$799 for one lesson
(Self-contained Course) Trial class NT$666 for one lesson (at least six people)
Trial class NT$888 for one lesson (at least ten people)
# Training venues can choose WUJA or other places
Please fill the time available for trial, our consultants will contact you.
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站立技&防身項目【請填選您想體驗的武術課程(可複選)】Striking and Self Protection (multiple choice)
地板技&摔技項目【請填選您想體驗的武術課程(可複選)】Grappling and take down (multiple choice)
總合武術&傳統武術項目【請填選您想體驗的武術課程(可複選)】Mix Martial Arts and Traditional Martial Arts (multiple choice)
兒童課程項目【請填選您想體驗的武術課程(可複選)】Kids Course (multiple choice)
體能課程&格鬥體能項目【請填選您想體驗的體能課程(可複選)】Fitness and Mix Martial Arts Fitness (multiple choice)
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武甲運動事業有限公司(以下稱本公司)謹依個人資料保護法(以下簡稱「個資法」)第8條第1項規定告知下列事項,敬請詳閱: 一、蒐集目的:課程後續聯繫及研究統計所需。 二、個人資料蒐集類別:課程執行相關資料,如姓名、連絡電話等。 三、個人資料利用期間:即日起至108年12月31日止。 四、個人資料利用地區:中華民國地區。 五、個人資料利用對象:本公司內部。 六、個人資料利用方式:網際網路、電子郵件、電子建檔、書面及傳真。 您可依個資法第3條規定,就您的個人資料進行以下動作: (1)查詢或請求閱覽、(2)請求製給複製本、(3)請求補充或更正、(4)請求停止蒐集、處理或利用、(5)請求刪除。 如欲行使以上權利,請洽本公司02-2363-1188蔡先生, 您可自由選擇是否提供您的個人資料,惟您不同意提供個人資料時,本公司將無法提供予您蒐集目的相關之服務。

Wuja sport Enterprise Co., Ltd hereinafter“Our Company”). Personal Information Protection Act(hereinafter “this Law”)is enacted to govern the collection, processing and use of personal information so as to prevent harm on personality rights, and to facilitate the proper use of personal information. Please see the following matters.
1. Collection Purpose: follow-up to the course and research statistics needed.
2. Personal Information collection categories: curriculum implementation related information, such as name, phone number
3. The period of use this Law: From now until December 31, 2018.
4. The area of use this Law: R.O.C.
5. The target of use this Law: This Company
6. The way of use this Law: Internet, email, electronic filing, writing and faxing.

According to this Law, the following rights should be exercised by the Party with regard to his personal information.
1. Any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
2. Any request to make duplications of the personal information;
3. Any request to supplement or correct the personal information;
4. Any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information
5. Any request to delete the personal information.

If you want to execute the rights above, please contact with Mr. Tsai 02-23631188. You are free to choose whether to provide your personal information, if you do not agree with that our company could not be able to provide the rights.

如點選不同意提供個人資料時,將無法提供予您蒐集目的相關之服務。We can't offer you with any related services if you disagree with providing your personal information.
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