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City Colleges of Chicago database survey
This survey was created to crowd source information on former City Colleges of Chicago students who were awarded additional degrees retroactively, unknowingly, or under reduced degree requirements. It is based on this special investigation:

Please search your name in our City Colleges of Chicago database before answering the questions below:
Have you ever been a student at one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago campuses?
When were you enrolled? Indicate month and year for all periods of attendance.
Did you learn of any additional degrees awarded to you by City Colleges of Chicago through the BGA database tool?
Were you ever contacted by City Colleges of Chicago informing you of a degree you earned that you didn't know about previously?
Did you receive a degree in the mail from City Colleges of Chicago that you didn't know about before it arrived?
While at City Colleges of Chicago, were you encouraged to pursue an Associate in General Studies (AGS) degree?
What is your name? (First, Last)
May we contact you if we have additional questions?
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