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Simeon Network Survey - 5 year plan
As a network, we’d like to get a better idea of what our people are thinking about for their next 5 years. This will enable us to better support those who would like to move forward in their commitment to knowing God through his son the Lord Jesus Christ, and making him known at our universities and around the world.
1. Thinking about the next 5 years, which of the following best describes your plans?
2. Again, thinking about the next 5 years, which of the following describes where you plan to be investing time and energy at work?
3. Please add any details or comments that you wish to add about your responses to questions 1 and/or 2.
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4. Would you like to discuss your plans with someone who has experience in academic ministry?
5. In what ways would you be prepared to support or assist other network members who would like to develop their ministry as academics? (Select all that apply).
6. We would like to do better as a network at supporting Australian Christian academics working overseas. Do you know any Australian Christians serving as academics overseas or in Gospel-poor areas of Australia?
7. Please fill in your name and email address if you answered ‘Yes’ to questions 4 or 6, or if you filled in any answer in question 5.
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