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350 Action 2019/2020 Candidate Questionnaire
Are you a climate champion running for elected office who's interested in a 350 Action endorsement? First, make sure you've read our endorsement criteria:

Then, please fill out this questionnaire, and we’ll circle back to you about our endorsement process in the coming days. If you are a staffer filling out this form, please fill it out as your candidate.

**Please note that, if endorsed, your responses to this questionnaire will be made public.**
Email address *
Your Name *
What office are you running for, and in which party? *
(e.g. "Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland" or "Independent running for Congress, PA-11")
Policy Positions
Do you support a Green New Deal that ends fossil fuels and provides an immediate and just transition to 100% renewable energy? Explain what that means to you. *
How will you center racial, economic and social justice in your climate policies?
Do you support a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure, including pipelines, fracked gas and oil, compressor stations and coal power plants? Please tell us with specifics what you'd do, if elected to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and keep fossil fuels in the ground? *
Do you support investigation of the fossil fuel industry's role in causing climate change, blocking climate action, and misleading the public? If so, do you have plans for a process to hold the industry financially accountable for that role and related harms? *
(For more context: InsideClimate News has done detailed investigative reporting showing that Exxon and other companies understood the risks of climate change 50+ years ago and suppressed the research instead of taking action. Investigations into Exxon have launched in New York, Massachusetts, and more.)
Running a Progressive Campaign
Do you pledge to reject any contributions from the fossil fuel industry, as defined by the "No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge"? *
More information about the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge:
Do you support plans to create an immigration policy that allows a path to citizenship for undocumented people? *
What are your specific plans on addressing the refugees and other migrants at the US borders? *
How do you see climate change impacting mass migrations and what are your plans to address the increase in refugees as a result of the climate crisis.
For background on climate impacts on human migrations:
What are your plans for criminal justice reform?
Do you support a worker's right to unionize?
Do you support a $15/hour minimum wage?
How do you plan to address the resurgence of white supremacy in the public discourse? Please tell us your plan to respond to white nationalist terrorist acts in this country?
What is your plan to reduce gun violence and mass shootings?
Do you support the payment of reparations and/or related structural adjustment to remunerate the descendants of enslaved African Americans to addressing America's history of codified and systemic racism?
Do you support the return of unceded lands and territory or related royalties to Indigenous Populations as a form of redress for America's history of codified and systemic racism?
Do you support Medicare for All?
Do you support a woman's right to choose?
Clear selection
Would you be interested in doing a Facebook live event with 350 Action staff and local leaders?
Clear selection
Demographics and Identity
If you’d like, tell us more about your identity in your own words.
Additional follow-up
Who on your staff can we follow up with about clarifying answers on this questionnaire, scheduling a candidate interview, or setting up events with 350 local groups?
Please include name, email, and phone number for one or more staff members.
Our goal is to endorse “climate progressives” who are strong on climate and share our progressive vision on other issues too. Please list other progressive endorsements your campaign has received so far.
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