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Thank you for considering Fola Daniel Adelesi as a speaker in your event. I consider it a great honour and do not take it for granted.

Special Notes:
* Filling this form does not automatically commit Fola Daniel Adelesi to speak at your event. All proposed invitations will be carefully considered and responded to appropriately.

* Several other factors unconnected to your person, event, country or billing for this event may cause Fola Daniel Adelesi to be unavailable for your event.

* Reasons for unavailability may not be communicated but you will certainly be informed well in advance (about a month), except for emergencies

* Kindly note that Fola Daniel Adelesi or the Edible Pen companies will properly introduce anyone who is appointed to relate with you on their behalf.

* We (Fola Daniel Adelesi & Edible Pen) have not appointed any agent to receive payments on our behalf except where it is clearly stated in writing.

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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