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Hackettstown PTA 2017 Science Fair Application
There are 16 questions. When you have answered all the required questions, hit "submit". Do NOT start your project until you receive your project verification email, which you should receive within a week after submitting the application. Please email us if you do not receive an email. Good luck and thanks for participating!
1. What is your name?
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2. Are you entering the science fair as an individual or pair?
3. If you are entering as a pair, what is your partner's name?
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4. What is your grade?
5. If you have a partner, what is his or her grade?
6. What school do you attend?
7. If you have a partner, what school does your partner attend?
8. Is your project a demonstration or experiment? A demonstration is a quick science "show" that explains how a science concept works. An experiment is when you test a hypothesis by comparing results or data between different "treatments". If you are in grades 5-8 you can choose to participate in the middle school STEAM challenge. The details for this project can be found under the Hackettstown PTA Science Fair tab on the district's website.
9. Project title and brief description. For example: "How does temperature affect the strength of a magnet?" - I plan on hanging a weight from a magnet attached to metal sheets at different temperatures to see if they stay attached. If you are doing the middle school STEAM challenge just write that in the space below.
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10. Name of the parent/guardian who is supervising your project.
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11. Email address of the parent/guardian who is supervising your project.
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12. Contact phone number for the parent/guardian who is supervising your project:
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13. Are there any special requests needed for your project on the day of the fair?
14. We will be assigning table numbers. Please list participating siblings' names below so that families will be located in the same area:
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15. By checking below the participant(s) and parent/guardian agree to follow the Rules and Guidelines posted on the District's website
16. We like to take take pictures of the students and their projects. By checking the box below you grant us permission to use the photos for PTA/Hackettstown B.O.E approved media.
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