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ESLR Survey 2017
Teachers at University High School work towards incorporating the six performance areas (ESLRs) into their curriculum and daily instruction, such that, by graduation, students should be able to demonstrate skills in each area.

Seniors, please reflect on the courses you have taken throughout your time here at University High School and assess the extent to which each of the six ESLRs were incorporated into your classroom experiences.

1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
The ability to question, think critically, problem solve, and find, select and apply information so that you can make thoughtful decisions.
Assess the extent to which each curricular area developed your critical thinking and problem solving ability.
1 - Low (minimally developed)
4 - High (highly developed)
English *
Mathematics *
Science *
Social Science *
Visual and Performing Arts *
World Language
Describe one assignment or academic experience that helped to develop your critical thinking/problem solving skills. *
In which curricular department did you have this assignment or experience? *
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