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VIP Girlz Application

VIP (Virtuous Intelligent Phenomenal) Girlz Hip Hop Dance and Performing Arts Program is designed to help young women build their self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills through music, dancing and performing arts. This program offers hip hop, African, and cultural dance lessons. In addition to self-improvement, etiquette workshops, and activities. Students will gain an opportunity to participate in community events, various shows, and give back thru community service. Ages 7-13.


Section 1: Mandatory Fees
Students are required to pay a $100 ($25/month) membership fee per session which covers 4 months of program activities and instructions. This program is offered August thru January (session 1 ) and January thru May (session 2).
A payment plan and partial scholarship is available. Student will be awarded based on need.

Section 2: Uniforms
All students must purchase black tights and leotards (no sleeves) before the first day of class. Students must wear black tights, leotards, or black tang top to practice.
$75 VIP Girlz performance uniform fee is required. Includes team T-Shirts, black boots, and 1 performance costume

Section 3: Attendance and Behavior
a. Each performer/dancer is required to attend every practice. If an absence is anticipated, please be courteous and inform your director. Absenteeism of 3 consecutive times from practice will result on non-performance status and will prohibit your advancement.
b. You will be allowed to miss 2 unexcused practices per term. January-May and August-December. You are expected to be at every practice during the month prior to performances.
c. Your attitude, enthusiasm, responsibility, and respect for your fellow dancers and instructors are among the important factors considered on you advancement and participation in the dance group.
d. Any form of ill behavior, bad attitude, or disrespect at a performance, dance practice, or any dance group activity or function will result in non-performance status. Misconduct and disturbances during practices will not be tolerated.
e. Tardiness is not only rude, it interrupts practice. You must always try to be on time and ready to practice. If tardy on day of show or for practice, you will jeopardize performance opportunity.

Section 4: Exceptions and Rules
a. Always respect your fellow dancers, all adults and your instructors. No cursing, gossiping, or fighting permitted. You will be suspended or terminated from the group.
b. NO FRATERNIZING during practice or show time. If caught fraternizing, displaying inappropriate behavior, or acting unladylike you may be asked to leave set or rehearsal.
c. Every performer/dancer is expected to help with fundraisers. Fundraisers are important so we can purchase costumes, necessary props that are needed for our performances, and participating in shows.
d. Cell phones are not permitted to be turned on during dance practice. You may be asked to leave if caught with cell phone during practice. If you must have your cell phone on during practice for an emergency, please notice director at the beginning of class.
e. Performer/dancers 13 and under should always be accompanied by a parent – Performances or any dance group function.

Section 5: Disciplinary Actions
DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES: A dancer will be given 3 warnings for misbehaving during practice, show, or any activity.
1st WARNING: Instructors/Directors will send an email or note home regarding incident
2nd WARNING: Instructors/Directors will meet with meet with dancer and parents.
3rd WARNING: The performer/dancer will not be able to participate in the dance group or any dance group functions for 1 year.
Respect, Good Behavior, and Teamwork are the number one priorities for our performance/dance troupes. If you do not follow these rules as a parent or dancer then you will be asked to leave the event/practice or the dance troupe.

Both parents and students are required to not disclose VIP Girlz members’ personal information, business operation/documents, or dance choreography with nonmembers and without permission from director. Breaking this rule may result in immediate termination.

Please complete all of this application. Dance Audition Application requires parent or guardian signature and student must audition.

By filling out this form I confirm that I, as the guardian, and my child who plans to participate have read and agree to the terms and condition of this agreement.

Programs are seasonal and your application will be considered for the next session.

Programs offered:
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Name of secondary contact/parent/guardian and phone number - In case of emergency only
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Program of Interest: If you child would like to audition for VIP Girls Competition Team they must audition, have previous dance experience or have participated in our VIP Community Dance Team for minimum 90 days. Total years of study:
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If you child would like to audition for VIP Girls Competition Team they must audition, have previous dance experience or have participated in our VIP Community Dance Team for minimum 90 days. Program of Interest:Total years of study:
Experience: Total Years of study
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Experience: Total Years of study of Ballet
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Experience: Total Years of study of Modern
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Experience: Total Years of study of Jazz
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Experience: Total Years of study of Tap
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Experience: Total Years of study of Other (and describe)
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Have you ever sustained an injury?
Have you ever sustained an injury? If “yes,” please list the injury, date and duration. Has this injury hindered your ability to perform fully?
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Have you had any previous music study? Describe: (Be sure to indicate if you have studied vocally or instrumentally and if you can read music.)
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Describe briefly any study in arts other than performing arts.
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Why do you want to audition for the VIP Girls Dance Program?
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What contributions do you feel you can make to the VIP Dance Program?
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Allergies (please list allergy along with the specific nature of the allergic reaction):
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Does participant carry an Epi­pen?
Immunizations: Are your child's immunizations current and up to her school's standards?
Please indicate any activities to be encouraged or restricted:
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Would you be interested in hearing about other Girls Rock Athens programs? Information will be sent out as it becomes available
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Do you agree to the following media release? - Organizations’ Names: Girls Rock Athens, Inc.; Girls Rock Camp Alliance. I hereby give Girls Rock Athens, Inc. and the Girls Rock Camp Alliance the absolute and irrevocable right and permission, with respect to the photographs and video that have been taken of me and the child for which I am responsible or in which either of us may be included with others: 1. To copyright the same in Girls Rock Athens, Inc. and the Girls Rock Camp Alliance name or any other name that Girls Rock Athens may choose.2. To use, re­use, publish, and re­publish the same, in whole or part, individually, or in conjunction with other photographs and videos, in any medium and for any purpose whatsoever, including (but not by way of limitation) illustration, social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more) promotion and advertising and trade, television and multimedia.3. To use my or my child's name in conjunction therewith if Girls Rock Athens, Inc. and the Girls Rock Camp Alliance chooses. I hereby release and discharge Girls Rock Athens, Inc and the Girls Rock Camp Alliance from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photographs and videos, including all claims for libel. This authorization and release shall also ensure the benefit of the legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of Girls Rock Athens, Inc.
Racial/ethnic identity (OPTIONAL!) Creating a group of campers that reflects the diversity of Athens is a priority of Girls Rock Athens. Providing the following information will inform our diversity goals so we may strive to reach a diversity representative of our community and surrounding areas. Check any that apply.
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