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Volunteer Form Skelton 4-H Center K9NW Trial December 29th & 29th, 2019
Skelton 4-H Center, Wirtz December 28th & 29th K9 NW Trial
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Job Descriptions
Element Lead: Trial experience required. Will need to be at trial site by 7:30 am. Take responsibility for one search area and the flow, ensure that judges and workers have what they nee (water, snacks etc), relieve gate stewards in that area so they can watch some of the searches.

Timer: Use a stopwatch to time dogs during their run.

Judge's Steward: Welcoming and friendly. Give competitors a reminder of the rules before they come to the line, answer any questions they might have, ensure judges has correct score sheet for each competitor and pass score sheets on to the score runner.

Gate Steward: Make sure the "on deck" dog is ready and help manage traffic flow to and from the crating area to the competition area. Helps competitors remain calm and keep dogs safe.

Videographer: Video each competitor's run at an element for the NACSW records.

Score Runner: Take score sheets from the Judge's Steward or Judge to the score table. Sheets will need to be run every 5 dogs or so.

Box Setter: Reset boxes that are out of place after each dog during the container search.

Scorekeeper: Work at the computer entering score results.

Check-in: Check in volunteers and competitors as they arrive, direct them to appropriate crating areas, pass along any site rules, and answer other questions.

Parking Monitors: Direct competitors to the parking area as they arrive, show them were dog toileting area is, registration etc. Manage first staging area, getting competitors queued up for their searches and directing them to the first station.

Assignments: *Select All Areas where you would like to volunteer
PICK ONE FOR EACH DAY YOU CAN HELP - Select only one choice. Morning shift includes breakfast snacks and coffee. All shifts include lunch.
NW2 Saturday December 28th, 2019
NW3 Sunday December 29th, 2019
Do you have a vehicle that we can use for the vehicle search element of the trial ?
If so, please list vehicle type and the days it could be used.

Important: The vehicle must not have had odor on it the last 4 weeks. There is a chance dogs will jump up on or paw at the vehicle. We do our best to prevent it, but please do not volunteer your vehicle if this is a concern for you as we cannot reimburse you for damages.

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