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Go ByCycle
Velocity's Go ByCycle Project will be offering free basic bike maintenance, 'how to cycle safely' sessions and led rides to households in Inverness and Mid Ross. Please complete this form if you would like our help to make more journeys by bike. We will be following COVID-19 guidelines. Please read our COVID-19 information and advice for participants:
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Bike maintenance, 'how to cycle safely' sessions and led rides involve physical activity and therefore there is always risk of injury. We believe the benefits of cycling outweigh the risk of harm and seek to reduce risks as far as possible. We ask all participants to wear a bicycle helmet and ride within their ability. We will help you to carry out a bike check before riding to ensure your bike is in good working condition. We will be following COVID-19 guidelines and ask all participants to follow hygiene and physical distancing guidelines (please see COVID-19 information and advice for participants above). Please tick this box if you accept and take responsibility for the risk involved. *
Your information will be kept secure and confidential in line with GDPR. Please confirm if you are happy for us to use your information to monitor and evaluate our project and contact you about active travel with your consent.
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